About to go in to have lymph node biopsy following rock hard lymph nodes in left groin for 7 months, 2 days before hospital, the biggest one has suddenly 'deflated', is this good news? Still left with 2 hard nodes, could it still be lymphoma?

Hmm. Have you had any other

Hmm. Have you had any other symptoms-- fevers, night sweats, etc over that time? Do you have any other palpably or visibly swollen nodes? They're 'rock hard' but are they painful, or painless?

Whatever your answers, I think the appropriate response to your question is that yes, it could still be lymphoma ... but a lymphoma diagnosis suddenly seems a little less likely because it's not so common for lymphoma to first present in the groin, and there are many other things that could lead those nodes to become swollen for an extended period of time before the swelling suddenly went down. Again though, to repeat- yeah, it still could be lymphoma. I hope you're still getting the biopsy. Our bodies are stacked with lymph nodes-- several hundred throughout the body- so it won't affect you much to lose one to biopsy, yet the procedure will yield a conclusive answer of either yes or no.

Hi Ross, thanks for your

Hi Ross, thanks for your reply.
The full story goes as follows....About 8 months ago I discovered a large (3cm x 1cm)) painless hard lump in the crease of my groin, I paid little attention to it as I thought it was likely a cyst or something like that, you could feel when you pressed the skin, but it was not pronounced....fast forward 6 months, and suddenly the lump started to increase 'outwards' and another smaller lump appeared next to it. On examine I could almost feel like they were maybe even connected underneath. I went to the GP who confirmed the lumps, and could also find another one 'next door'.
She referred me to the general surgeon, as whatever they were, most likely lymph nodes, they shouldn't be there and I should have them removed. At this point I started to take them more seriously! I hadn't realised the connection, but yes I have been suffering from unexplained abdominal/upper leg itching and many nights since May when I awake multiple times due to being too hot. I wouldn't necessarily say they were 'night sweats' but definately way too hot too sleep!
So, I began to freak out, my apointment came though, my nodes carried on to increase slightly.....then yesterday, out of nowhere my largest node suddenly 'deflated'. I feel mixed emotions as I as I heard cancerous nodes tend to stay hard, once hard, so surely this is good? But now I feel a bit of a plonker, as I will be going to see a surgeon where the 2 nodes have have that are swollen, aren't really much to see on their own! Obviously I will be delighted if this proves encouraging, but my other symptoms remain, and I am now worried I will be dismissed.......what'd you think?
Thank you so much for your input.

Well I don't think you'd be

Well I don't think you'd be dismissed if there's still some indication of swelling, but I guess you won't know until you get there. I would just make sure the surgeon is aware if the full history of the last several months so that he or she can make a determination. As for nighttime, night sweats - as a symptom of lymphoma - have to start somehow, so they generally start pretty mildly, but when they're happening, they're described to me as 'sweating-through-the sheets-2-and-3-times-in-a-night' night sweats.

Thanks Ross, it's been great

Thanks Ross, it's been great to be able to converse with someone about it to alay my worries, talking definately helps (:
App. tommorrow so finally glad to get some answers, also my nodes are all massive again so at least I need not worry about being taken seriously!!
Kind regards

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