Head Coverings for Cancer Patients

head coverings
Scarves and head wraps - a fashionable approach to coping with hair loss

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy for lymphoma usually causes hair loss (alopecia). This is traumatic for most people, regardless of age or gender. Even if you are comfortable with shaving your head, the sudden change is a clear sign that you are sick–people might see you differently and you might see yourself differently, making it difficult to maintain a positive outlook.

Fortunately, head scarves and other headwear products that can help you to maintain a feeling of dignity and avoid unwanted questions.

Scarves and head wraps

Scarves and head wraps are very fashionable and come in an infinite variety of colors, fabrics and patterns. Scarves are more flexible - you can tie and shape them as you like. Head wraps, which are specifically designed to fit on the head, are easier to manage and often have contrasting fabrics for more color and style.

Hair pieces / Wigs

Hair pieces or wigs, if chosen properly, provide a natural look and feel.

When you are shopping for wigs or hairpieces, make sure to choose a vendor who will take the time to walk you through all of your options. Wigs made from human hair are often touted as the best but may not be the right choice for everyone. Fit and construction are also important considerations.


Hats are the most accessible means of obscuring hair loss. They are widely available in myriad styles and you probably have a few in your closet. Many people reach for a baseball cap, while some prefer more stylish options. It's true that people in your regular circles will want to know why you have suddenly decided to wear a hat at all times, but strangers won't know the difference. And for those who do want to know why you are wearing a fez, you now have a conversation piece that might make it easier to talk about your chemotherapy.


Locks of Love
If you have long hair and would like to donate it, Locks of Love will use your donation to make head coverings for children with cancer. Please visit Locks of Love for more information.

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