Natural Fiber Scarves: A Fashionable Hair Loss Alternative for Women

If one thing is for certain, it's that hair is very important to a woman. A tremendous amount of time and money is spent on hair styling and maintenance. "Doing" one's hair may be repetitious and mundane but it delivers personal satisfaction on a daily basis. For the woman who loses her hair due to chemotherapy or radiation therapy, the dreaded daily routine becomes a longed-for ritual.

Hair loss is especially traumatic for women and stylish head wear is the best way to proactively deal with the problem. Scarves come in a wide array of colors, styles and fabrics are becoming increasingly fashionable worldwide. While it's impossible to pretend that hair loss is pleasant, the use of scarves can enhance any wardrobe and put a colorful face on a difficult problem.

Natural fiber scarves and scarves lined with natural fiber such as cotton are the best choice for chemo and radiotherapy patients because they are usually the most comfortable and allow the scalp to breathe. They are also generally affordable and a small collection of different weights and textures for varying weather can be acquired for a reasonable price.

Natural fiber scarves also offer the most eco-friendly solutions for consumers. Scarves made from cotton or bamboo fiber, for example, are a better choice than polyester (a petroleum product) for the environmentally-conscious shopper. Those concerned with sustainable manufacturing can also look for locally-made scarves.

It's a small step in a difficult journey, but putting on a new scarf can be an important part of keeping a positive outlook during recovery.

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