Head Scarves for Medical Hair Loss

Often referred to as a her "crowning glory," hair communicates a great deal about a woman. Without it, many women feel stripped of their identity and the general public assumes the worst.

Medical hair loss in women is often poorly understood, misdiagnosed and even dismissed. Even when the true cause is known, there is little acknowledgement of the deep emotional impacts.

Women should not surrender their self-esteem or fashion sense when faced with medical hair loss. Most women think they are faced with two options: hide their bald heads with wigs or be one of the few to emerge as bold, bald women. Fortunately, there is another option: a beautiful head scarf.

Head Scarves - Versatile and Timeless

Head scarves are not just for Eastern European grandmothers; they are one of fashion’s most versatile and timeless accessories. Whether you want a polished and elegant look, a casual bohemian flair, or a stay-in-place exercise accessory, head scarves are a great solution.

Many women shy away from head scarves, thinking they’re difficult to tie or that they won't stay put. This is definitely not the case. "Pre-tied” scarves with an elastic enclosure look like they’ve been tied and styled by a pro, when in fact they’re as easy to put on as a baseball cap. For those who like to change their look often, these scarves come with options.

Head scarves are perhaps the best alternative for women with medical hair loss. They are stylish, comfortable and allow for a lot of creativity.

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