Marginal Zone Lymphomas

Marginal zone lymphoma, lymph node
from Univ. Tokushima

Marginal zone lymphomas (MZL) are indolent lymphomas that affect the B-cells. The marginal zone is the area in the B-cell in which the mutation occurs in this type of cancer. MZLs represent 2-4% of all NHL cases.

Nodal marginal zone lymphomas involved the lymph nodes directly. Extranodal marginal zone lymphomas involve only organs outside of the lymphatic system, such as the thyroid, GI tract, or skin. These extranodal cancers are also called mucosa-associated lymphatic tissue lymphomas lymphomas, or MALT lymphomas.

Splenic marginal zone lymphomas are considered a class of their own.


Treatment varies depending on the type of disease and stage. Radioimmunotherapy treatments such as the Zevalin regimen, though not yet approved for mainstream use, show promising results as MZL therapy.

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