Collegiate Hockey Player Diagnosed with Hodgkin's

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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Hamilton, NY-based Colgate University defenseman Spiro Goulakos has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Goulakos, a 6'2" 185 lb sophomore from Montreal who previously played in the Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League, has temporarily left the team and university for treatment in his hometown.

According to Colgate coach Don Vaughan, the news was received with shock by the team and the staff, calling the prior week "very emotional" for all involved.

One would expect Goulakos to undergo between four and eight cycles of chemotherapy, most likely ABVD, the current standard of care for Hodgkin's. The report indicates that Goulakos is expected to make a complete recovery and be back on the Hamilton campus for the fall semester.

The diagnosis was initially suspected following the results of a routine exam.

Hodgkin's is a highly treatable and often curable cancer of the B-cell lymphocytes. When found in its earliest stages, the rigorous treatment can cure as many as nine in 10 patients.

Source: WSJ

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