LRF Hosts North American Educational Forum on Lymphoma


The Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) is holding its 18th annual North American Educational Forum on Lymphoma in Brooklyn, N.Y. from Sept. 27-29. This two-and-a-half day program will provide critical information on treatment options, support issues, clinical trials and the latest advances in lymphoma research.

Said Dr. Ann LaCasce, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School’s Dana Farber Cancer Institute and co-chair of this year’s program:

The Lymphoma Research Foundation’s Educational Forum is so important for patients, survivors and caregivers because it enables them to gain a better understanding of their particular subtype of lymphoma and the current treatment options available so that they can become active participants in their care.

This most comprehensive lymphoma-specific education conference in North America will feature more than 35 lymphoma specialists and support experts from around the world.

Said forum co-chair Dr. Sonali Smith, Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine and Director of the Lymphoma Program at The University of Chicago:

Lymphoma is a complex cancer. Programs like LRF’s National Educational Forum afford patients and caregivers an opportunity that they might not otherwise have to ask questions of lymphoma experts so that they can better understand their particular type of lymphoma.

Focusing on community

This year’s Educational Forum on Lymphoma will feature disease- and treatment-specific breakout sessions, as well as unique networking opportunities for attendees to meet others with the same lymphoma subtype. The Foundation’s Educational Forum, which is being held during Blood Cancer Awareness Month, will also debut LRF’s newly launched mobile application, Focus on Lymphoma.

Said Brian Tomlinson, LRF Chief Program Officer:

Educational programs and resources are at the core of the Lymphoma Research Foundation’s mission. In order to better meet the needs of the lymphoma community, we have added new sessions and enhanced networking opportunities to this year’s Educational Forum; we are also thrilled to debut innovative tools like Focus on Lymphoma, LRF’s free mobile application that is uniquely designed for patients and caregivers to better understand and manage their lymphoma diagnosis and treatment.

For those not in New York, the LRF will once again host its award-winning live Twitter chat on Saturday, Sept. 28 at 1 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) for one hour. To join the conversation, follow LRF's Twitter handle @lymphoma and utilize the hashtag #edforumchat.

For more information and to register for the Forum, visit or call (800) 500-9976. There is a registration fee of $50. For more information about lymphoma, including disease-specific resources, visit the LRF at

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