Family Video Rounding It Up for Lymphoma Four Years Running


For the fourth year in a row, Family Video, the nation’s largest movie and game rental chain, are inviting their customers to Round It Up for Lymphoma. This year they have added a partner in Hoogland Foods, the largest franchisee of Marco’s Pizza.

The campaign is taking place at all locations between March 13 and March 29. In the past three years, every penny of the nearly $3.5 million raised has been donated towards lymphoma research programs. By simply rounding up transactions to the nearest dollar, customers will be donating towards general lymphoma research programs and patient education through the Lymphoma Research Foundation and the lymphoma biobank at the University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center.

“Lymphoma is a disease that has touched the lives of many of our employees and their loved ones," said Family Video President Keith Hoogland. "With continued support of this biobank and the Lymphoma Research Foundation’s mission, we will be able to better understand why lymphoma develops, and study how different environmental factors impact prognosis and treatment, and provide educational services to those affected by this disease. Ultimately, the lymphoma biobank and the Lymphoma Research Foundation will help us make significant progress towards finding a cure."

"Our customers have shown their generosity about this cause in the past, and we are excited for our company to be able to play this role in the fight against lymphoma."

Source: Family Video

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