Family Video Ready to 'Round It Up' for Lymphoma Again in 2014

Round it up for lymphoma.png

The best fundraiser in the world of blood cancers is on again for 2014.

Beginning on March 14, Family Video, the largest privately-owned movie and game retailer in the United States, will launch its "Round It Up for Lymphoma" campaign, in which customers at the company's 750 retail locations are asked at the point of sale if they would like to round up their purchases to the nearest dollar, with the extra money going to benefit the Lymphoma Research Foundation and the University of Chicago Medicine’s lymphoma tissue bank.

'Round It Up' has been a success for three years

This extraordinarily successful fundraiser (described in more detail
HERE) is now in its third consecutive year.

The company’s first such fundraiser, in 2012, reached its goal of raising $1 million in just 17 days. Last year, it raised over $1.13 million in just 16 days.

Employee participation has played a major role in the success of the campaign, and there’s little doubt it will do so again this year.

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