Another Cancer Phony Exploits Lymphoma to Earn Cash

AprilNesslein phony.jpg

Another cancer phony makes the news, and much like those before her, she used lymphoma as part of her scam.

This time, she's a 31-year-old woman from Lincoln, Neb., named April Nesslein, and she's been arrested for soliciting and accepting donations from members of her church in order to help pay her bills because, she said, she had a mere three months to live.

Obviously, Nesslein was very short-sighted there. Three months? The best cancer phonies say at least six months, if not more.

She faces a felony charge of theft by deception.

Over $10,000 in Two Months

In the span of two months, from the start of September to the end of October, Nesslein's moaning and whining that she was dying of cancer and needed money to pay her rent and groceries scored her almost $12,000, according to police.

Over the fall, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services got in touch with Lincoln police, informing them that Nesslein was taking money from people for medical conditions she did not have.

Specifically, Nesslein said she had been diagnosed with "brain tumors and stage four lymphoma."

Like the lowlifes before her, Nesslein exploited blood cancers. It is quickly becoming impossible to deny the fact that when people fake cancer, they have a tendency to go with blood cancer – either leukemia or lymphoma.

I can think of a few reasons why they might choose a blood cancer, but I'm not about to give credit to these messed-up people for being smart enough to know why they're choosing it.

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