Cookie Monster and Elmo Crash the CBCC


Sesame Street Live's Cookie Monster and Elmo swung by the Children's Blood and Cancer Center yesterday at Dell Children's Hospital in Austin, Texas.

As you might expect, the sudden arrival of two enormous, non-human, red and blue fur balls equipped with oversized mouths (really great for eating cookies, not so great for vocalizing) was greeted with widespread initial suspicion.

 photo IMG_2641 sm_zpszjs0symp.jpg

 photo IMG_2655 sm_zpsusqhfo5k.jpg

 photo IMG_2691 sm_zps3vtoihhv.jpg

But the suspicion didn't last for long. The patients, parents and staff at CBCC are a very accepting bunch. Before you knew it, Cookie Monster was so comfortable he was acting like he owned the place.

 photo IMG_2646 sm_zpsyavbzds2.jpg

 photo IMG_2678 sm_zpsvn03evgd.jpg

 photo IMG_2677 sm_zps5lawr98l.jpg

 photo IMG_2706 sm_zpscj268njk.jpg

 photo IMG_2615_zpszmlbyhvo.jpg

Despite a rocky start, when all was said and done the end result was hugs and smiles.

 photo IMG_2707 sm_zpshgzy51xz.jpg

This is the fourteenth installment in my series on the Children's Blood and Cancer Center at Dell Children's Hospital in Austin, Texas. The prior thirteen are listed below:

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