St Baldrick's Leaves Few Heads Unshaven at Dell Children's Hospital

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This past weekend, St. Baldrick's Foundation brought its hair clippers to Dell Children's Hospital in support of the Children's Blood and Cancer Center.

The theme for this year's St. Baldrick's Fair was Leprechaun Fest, and the event was held in the hospital's beautiful Healing Garden.

St. Baldrick's Foundation raises money for research into childhood cancers. Their primary fundraising vehicle is to recruit "shavees," people who show their solidarity with children who lose their hair by having their own hair shaved off – on stage!

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When it comes to funding childhood cancer research grants, St. Baldrick's Foundation is second only to the U.S. government. Since 2005, the organization has awarded an astonishing $127 million in research grants, with $25 million of it awarded in 2013 alone.

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The Fair included miniature horses, face painting, a dunking booth, lots to eat and drink, information tables, firetrucks, bounce houses and plenty of other things for families to enjoy. And the weather? Perfect.

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Not everyone in this world knows how to make an entrance. The Capital City Highlanders pipe band knows how to make an entrance. They were one of three groups entertaining the crowd that afternoon, along with members of Austin's own Tapestry Dance Company and performers from the Irish Dance Center.

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At noon, the main event got underway.

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Various people shared stories of their children being treated at the Children's Blood and Cancer Center. They included this man, who spoke in earnest about his son, who was being treated for neuroblastoma.

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Everyone who went onstage to get buzzed had the support of the hundreds of people watching, but perhaps none quite as much as young Wyatt, who told emcee Tim Wilks of the Jennifer Wilks Foundation that he was doing it for his cousin.

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It wasn't all smooth-sailing for him…

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But he went the distance, and for a great cause.

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Wyatt was a member of team Smooth Harley, which was the top-fundraising team in the event, raising an amazing $20,572.

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All told, this year's Fair raised almost $80,000 and counting. Among the many organizations participating were The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Superhero Kids, the Loving Libbie Memorial Foundation, The Austin Fairy Godmother Boutique, CureSearch, and the Texas Child Study Center.

[All photo credits: Ross Bonander. To see and download many more photos from this event, please visit my smugmug page.]

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