Online Health Resources

Here are a number of websites and online health resources (which are listed in pertinent sections throughout the site). Please note that websites can come and go, change addresses, etc.

  • The Lymphoma Shop
    Your resource for lymphoma apparel, merchandise, and gifts to share your support for lymphoma research and spread awareness.
  • Hodgkin's Lymphoma Sites
  • ApoThera Inc.
    Medication Therapy Management (MTM) for dialysis clinics and cancer patients. Pharmaceutical consultation for HealthVault users in AZ, CA, CO, HI, KY, NV, OH, TN & WA. Individualized written answers for specific drug questions requiring extensive research. We also have Pharmacalculator for computing dose equivalencies for various medications.
  • Cancer Treatment is a comphrehensive resource for information about treatment for different types of cancer. We strive to provide accurate information and pathways to treatment.
  • Prostate Gland Cancer Survivor
    PSA testing diagnosis, surviving radiation treatments and men's prostate gland cancer disease recovery personal experiences. Guys news reports, video prevention and survey polls treatments.
  • From Incurable to Incredible
    Features 27 cancer survivors who were given a terminal diagnosis, but shocked everyone by thriving years past their prognoses. These “miracle survivors” have different cancers and circumstances, but share two things: a poor prognosis and incredible drive to overcome it.
  • Hematologic Cancer Resources
    Comprehensive interviews with key physicians, in-depth articles, Clinical Trials and the Exclusive Educated Patient Lymphoma Resource Guide
  • Website for Previvors and Survivors.
    The mission of our group is to provide the support, skills & resources to all women in relation to the BRCA gene & breast & ovarian cancer.
  • Tony's Cancer Page
  • Blog For a Cure
    Online Cancer Blog Community, Thousands of Cancer Survivors and loved ones blogging about their experience. All types of cancer blogs.

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