The Suzanne Somers Vanity Calamity, part 4: All her quacks in a row

Somers' book is based on interviews with the following doctors and individuals. Almost without exception, each of the 'experts' Somers interviews has something to do with anti-aging—the great motif, you might say obsession, in Somers' life—as well as a significant financial interest in being featured in the book, a chance to promote their own anti-aging and anti-cancer supplements, therapies, books, CDs, DVDs etc.

- Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski has been pushing a costly and clinically unproven "antineoplaston therapy" for decades. Somers calls him a "pioneer", "maverick", she paints him as a heroic figure persecuted by the FDA and hints that history will remember him as a legend. Examine her credibility by reading about his dubious background or about his dubious methodology.

- Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez sells CDs and DVDs related to his proprietary enzyme therapy, the 'Gonzalez protocol', which recently produced atrociously poor results treating pancreatic cancer.

- Dr. James Forsythe runs the Century Wellness Clinic and the Cancer Screening and Treatment Center of Nevada. He believes in Poly-MVA cancer therapy, discredited by the American Cancer Society.

- Dr. Julie Taguchi pushes the Wiley Protocol, HRT (hormone replacement therapy) that purports to treat women suffering from "discomfort from menstruation to menopause, or loss of libido."

- Dr. Russell Blaylock sells subscriptions to the Blaylock Wellness Report, which purports to have the solutions to almost every problem presented by cancer. Blaylock gets honorable mention at

- Burton Goldberg sells books and DVDs pushing alternative treatments for cancer, addiction and depression. He concludes his interview by shamelessly pitching his services as a consultant, even including an email address at which to reach him.

- Dr. Jonathan Wright is a bizarre figure who runs a clinic that sells proprietary alternative treatment protocols for a range of diseases as well as a shady clinical test laboratory.

- Dr. Stephen Sinatra is an anti-aging specialist who sells nutritional supplements under the name Advanced BioSolutions.

- Dr. Michael Galitzer frequently appears in Suzanne Somers books; this is his fifth. He is an entrepreneur, selling homeopathic and herbal tinctures by way of Apex Energetics that claim to be breakthroughs "for the field of Anti-Aging Medicine."

- Cristiana Paul MS is an anti-aging and nutritional specialist.

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