The Suzanne Somers Vanity Calamity, part 3: Appalling contentions

In her book, Somers makes a number of appalling contentions. Here are just two of them:

She writes that the modern lifestyle of living amidst chemicals amounts to "asking for" cancer. "It's not an accident" to get the disease, she claims, asserting that if we "allow our stress to run unchecked, if we don't value sleep and get enough of it, then the consequences are ours."

This is outrageous. To contend that a cancer diagnosis is the fault of the patient, without backing up such an egregious statement with a single argument, a single fact, is so irresponsible it boggles the mind. Seriously, it sounds like something Chrissy would say and Chrissy was a f**king idiot.

Somers is saying to a century's worth of people who unknowingly worked around asbestos, vinyl chloride, 2-naphthylamine, benzidene, benzene, ethylene oxide, and a host of other carcinogens that they got what they deserved, they practically asked for cancer.

Here’s an even more appalling one:

  • "Were there to be a cure, it would put an end to all the marches and the research dollars and most of all a big huge chemotherapy business to the tune of $200 billion a year. A cure would force all present protocols to halt and those in the field would have to learn a whole new way to approach the management of cancer."

I can buy that not every oncologist is up-to-date with the latest research; furthermore I'm certain that oncologists use similar treatment protocols (see the NCCN guidelines for proof of this). But this isn't her contention.

Rather, in the wider section Somers suggests that oncologists study for so many years to learn certain established anti-cancer methods that they're resistant to any other ideas because they don't want those years of training to go to waste.

According to Somers, oncologists would rather see their patients die than have to learn something new. This is so abhorrent and so vile an accusation, it does more than discredit her; it showcases her willingness to say anything to champion an agenda.

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