Recurrence Cancer

eye of fear
photo by j.F. Dupuis

One of the greatest fears of lymphoma survivors is that they’ll relapse and have to undergo treatment again. This fear is normal but awful to deal with. Chemotherapy, radiation, and other treatments are difficult to handle the first time around, so no patient wants to repeat that experience.

Handling this fear is necessary for lymphoma patients to heal mentally. Talk to your friends and family about your feelings, and talk to a therapist if necessary (if you are experiencing extreme anxiety).

These fears usually diminish over time as you regain your health, so be patient. Remember that lymphomas are usually very treatable, and your chances of survival are great. Talk to your doctor if your anxiety makes you physically sick (nauseous). Anti-anxiety medication may be needed in some cases, but it’s likely the doctor will tell you to practice relaxation techniques.

Meditation, yoga, and other exercise can help patients concur fears. Do not be afraid to try different things. Having a great support system in your friends and family is the other important factor in beating your fears, and thus beating cancer for good.

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