T-Cell Lymphoma? No Way, Not My Son! Part II


This article was written exclusively for LymphomaInfo.net by Linda Mitchelson, MitchDJ on SupportGroups.com. Linda shares the story of her son DJ's courageous battle with T-cell lymphoma.

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Three days later, surgery was done to remove the lymph nodes in DJ's neck. An ENT physician consulted with us after the procedure and again said that he was almost certain that it was lymphoma. Still, we were in complete denial and said to him, “Until you get the biopsy results back, we’re not buying it.”

Four long days later, the call came - confirmed diagnosis of T-cell lymphoma. I literally shook so hard I could hardly talk! We saw the oncologist the next week, and I came to terms with the diagnosis after having a complete melt down. I fell on my knees in prayer that Sunday at church knowing I had to trust God to take care of something that a mom could not possibly fix!

DJ's Inspirational Attitude and Strength

DJ was fine with the diagnosis and his typical self. His frame of mind was, “I don’t have time for this. Let’s get it fixed and over with!” He still today has that same attitude. Almost eight months later and seven rounds of massive CVAD chemo treatments - lost his hair, eye lashes, eye brows, muscle tone and stamina - he’s still standing as strong as ever with that same attitude and smile as before.

Chemo treatments have not been pleasant but not as bad as I had anticipated: some nausea but never sick to the point of not being able to function, tired but not bedridden by any means. DJ struggled with his blood and platelet counts, trying to keep them up with transfusions, with only one additional hospital stay for a few days because his counts got too low and he had a fever.

Eight hospital stays for a week at a time have been an inconvenience for DJ more than anything. He has one more CVAD treatment scheduled for April 8 - hopefully and prayerfully the last week he will ever spend in ANY hospital! Then PET scans every three months for a year, and then I believe every six months for four more years.

One Day at a Time

What does the future hold? Only God knows! We have learned to truly live life “one day at a time.” What has brought us through? Faith in God and DJ’s attitude! He has been - and continues to be - a wonderful inspiration to our family, our church, our small town in Clover, SC, and to everyone who comes into contact with him.

We have learned more about cancer than we ever wanted to know! Remission is an awesome word, but cure is the word we’re looking for. Until then, we will continue to take “one day at a time” knowing who holds the future!

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