Lymphomatoid Papulosis - Glossary

Below are listed dictionary definitions of medical words you will run into, but might not understand.

benign, not malignant; self-limiting: benign tumors.

histology, the structure, esp. the microscopic structure, of organic tissues. histologically, adv.

keloid, an abnormal proliferation of scar tissue, as on the site of a surgical incision.

lesion, any localized, usually well-defined area of diseased or injured tissue of abnormal structural change.

lymphoma, a cancerous tumor arising from any of the cellular elements of lymph nodes. lymphomatoid, adj.

lymph nodes, any of the gland-like masses of tissue in the lymph vessels containing cells that become lymphocytes. Also called lymph glands.

lymphatic system, the system of glands, tissues, and a passages involved in generating lymphocytes and circulating them through the body in the medium of lymph: includes the lymph vessels, lymph nodes, thymus, and spleen.

nodule, a small rounded mass or lump.

papule, a small, somewhat pointed, usu. inflammatory elevation of the skin.

plaque, a flat, often raised patch on any external or internal body surface.

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