Second drug for multiple myeloma up for FDA approval


It has been almost six years since the US Food & Drug Administration approved a new drug for the treatment of multiple myeloma (MM). Now it appears there are two multiple myeloma drugs on the horizon, The first was recently posted here, Onyx's carfilzomib. The other is called pomalidomide and is being developed by Celgene.

Like carfilzomib, pomalidomide is seeking approval in MM patients who have failed to respond to prior therapies. Pomalidomide has been developed through the same science that developed treatments like Revlimid but they are not in the same category. If patients fail Revlimid, pomalidomide can still give them a sustained response.

Pomalidomide is being hyped by the International Myeloma Foundation, the oldest and largest foundation dedicated to those with MM and their loved ones.

Celgene has submitted a new drug application to the US FDA for pomalidomide and will do the same in Europe later this year.

Source: Therapeutics Daily

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