New kit clarifies canine and feline lymphoma diagnosis


According to an announcement made at the Veterinary Cancer Society's annual conference, a company from the UK called PetScreen has developed a diagnostic kit that will take much of the uncertainty out of diagnosing lymphoma in dogs and cats.

The kit, known as the Advanced Lymphoma Blood Test (ALBT), has as its most significant attribute the ability to differentiate between animals with lymphadenopathy (enlarged lymph nodes) due to lymphoma and lymphadenopathy due to other health issues such as lymphoid hyperplasia.

It works by searching for levels of specific biomarkers in the blood, then applying an algorithm that measures those levels against other proteins in the blood to reach a conclusion.

The company also claims that results are returned the same day, making for quicker, more infiormed decision-making on the part of pet owners and veterinarians.

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