National Program Provides Diagnosis and Treatment Discussion List


The Cancer Support Community created a discussion tips list so patients can better ask questions about diagnosis and treatments:

"Having a solid patient/physician relationship may seem like a luxury, but for those who are being treated for diseases like lymphoma, it's a necessity. Many people living with cancer are unsure how to work with their health care team to do this.

Effective communication is a critical part of cancer care, but a survey conducted online by Harris Interactive (R) on behalf of Cephalon consisting of 133 patients diagnosed with indolent non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) and 150 hematologist/oncologists, reveals crucial communication gaps and misconceptions that can affect the quantity, quality and types of information doctors and patients share during limited appointment times. Further, a quarter of the surveyed patients (25 percent) said they don't remember their questions when seeing the doctor and more than three-quarters of them (79 percent) wanted guidance on how to communicate more effectively with their physicians. "

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