FDA not kidding around with drug shortage


In an aggressive, proactive move to ensure that US cancer patients have the medicines they need for anti-cancer treatments, the Food & Drug Administration today announced that it has granted permission to companies outside the country to supply it with two much-needed chemotherapy drugs currently on very short supply.

The FDA will import almost 120,000 vials of preservative-free methotrexate from an Australian manufacturer in March in order to alleviate the urgency of that drug shortage.

They have also given approval to a company from India to supply the US with a much-needed supply of the doxorubicin substitute Lipodox in order to meet the country's high demand and dwindling supply.

Interestingly, Lipodox is not currently approved for the US market by the FDA but the agency has the discretion to allow for the temporary use of the drug during the shortage.

Source: HemOncToday

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