BEACOPP may be better than ABVD in certain Hodgkin Lymphomas


According to research presented at the American Society of Hematology 52nd Annual Meeting by Andreas Engert, MD, chair of the highly influential German Hodgkin Study Group (GHSG) of Cologne, Germany, a more intense chemotherapy regimen provides better outcomes than the current standard of care.

The HD14 trial pitted the gold standard ABVD regimen against a dose-escalated version of the BEACOPP chemotherapy regimen in patients diagnosed with early, unfavorable Hodgkin lymphoma (stages IB, IIB). The BEACOPP regimen was established by the GHSG in 1989 for the treatment of late-stage, unfavorable HL.

According to this most recent data, BEACOPP is more effective at tumor control than ABVD, but other experts countered that BEACOPP's toxic profile is too high compared to ABVD, without a corresponding survival benefit.

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