Scottish Teen Fulfills Final Wish of Taking Girlfriend to Prom

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Scottish teenager Jak Trueman, 15, fulfilled his final wish by taking his longtime girlfriend to the prom this past weekend. Two days later, he succumbed to a rare subtype of T-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Trueman took girlfriend Hannah to the prom at West Calder High in West Lothian, Scotland. The prom was put together quickly by his fellow students when Trueman learned that the gammadelta T-cell lymphoma he was diagnosed with last summer was terminal and beyond treatment.

His condition deteriorated very quickly last week, and it took every bit of strength he had to attend the prom. Unfortunately, his condition was so bad he could only stay for about 10 minutes.

Afterwards, he thanked everyone and apologized to them on his Facebook page:

"I would just like to make a massive apology for me only turning up and then having to go again."I was gutted and really sad as I never spoke to anyone, but I took really unwell really quickly as I had been lying in bed for three days without hardly moving. "Thank you to everyone who organised it and came along, even just knowing it was all happening for me makes me smile."

Two days later, Trueman died. His mother wrote: "Devastated and heartbroken to say my beautiful boy's gone to Heaven, God bless. Jak I am the proudest Mummy ever."

Trueman's name lives on

Jak Trueman gained international attention last month when he vowed to use whatever time he had left to raise money and awareness for Leukemia and Lymphoma Research U.K. His original goal was to raise £15,000.

Currently, his efforts have exceeded that three times over with a remarkable £53,023.08 raised.

You can visit his fundraising page here.

Photo: From Facebook

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