Link Between Splenda And Leukemia Found


Splenda - the artificial sweetener derived from sugar - has been found to cause leukemia and cancerous tumors in mice. The product is a key ingredient in over 4,500 beverages and foods.

Results published in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health claim that mice who were fed large doses of the non-nutritive sweetener developed the diseases.

For the duration of their lives, the mice were given large daily amounts of Splenda - the equivalent of a human consuming 10 Diet Cokes per day. Scientists warn, however, that even smaller doses could be dangerous to your health.

“When something causes cancer at high doses, it generally causes cancer at lower doses, the risk is just smaller,” said Lisa Lefferts, senior scientist at the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CPSI).

The sweetener to avoid

Due to results of the study, CPSI has added Splenda to its list of artificial sweeteners to avoid. The product routinely appears in grocery store items like baked goods, sugar-free gum and diet sodas.

Although CPSI suggests avoiding Splenda found in diet sodas, it also warns against drinking regular sodas. These beverages contain high fructose corn syrup and sugar - increasing the risk for type 2 diabetes, weight gain and heart disease.

CPSI scientists advise leaving the soda on the shelf and reaching for a glass of water when you’re thirsty. If you’re still craving a sweetener for your morning coffee or tea, the study recommends products like stevia and raw honey.

Source: KFOR

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