Talon recruits first patient in study of new vincristine formulation


Talon Therapeutics has enrolled the first patient in a Phase III study of the company's product candidate Marqibo in patients aged 60 or older with newly diagnosed non-Hodgkin's lymphomas.

The study, referred to as OPTIMAL>60, is being conducted by one of the most prestigious study groups in the world, the German High-Grade NHL Study Group.

Marqibo is a formulation of the well-known chemotherapy drug vincristine, namely it is vincristine sulfate liposomes injection.

The study, into which Talon hopes to recruit 1,000 patients, will examine the efficacy of the R-CHOP regimen (given every 14 days) against R-CHMP (also given evert 14 days). In short, standard vincristine will be replaced in the second group with Marqibo.

According to Steven R. Deitcher M.D., President, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of Talon Therapeutics, "We believe Marqibo has the potential to benefit patients with NHL... by providing vincristine dose intensification while maintaining a predictable and manageable safety profile."

Source: MarketWatch

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