Green Tea Extract may Reduce Cancer Cells


Concentrated green tea extract may reduce the number of cancer cells in the body:

"Research showing a supplement containing a concentrated extract of green tea can reduce the number of cancer cells in patients with a certain type of leukemia is being closely monitored by a Vancouver hematologist.

BC Cancer Agency clinician Dr. Cindy Toze said Monday the Mayo Clinic study on 42 patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia is highly intriguing and “if a multi-centre trial opportunity comes up, we’d seriously look at participating in it.”

“In a best-case scenario, it may be useful in early stages so we can delay the time to treatment with chemotherapy drugs,” said Toze, whose primary area of interest is in CLL.

She added that some patients are already well-versed in the effects of green tea when they first see her.

About 300 new cases of CLL — a blood cancer that is like a combination of leukemia and lymphoma — are diagnosed in B.C. each year."

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