Dandelion root extract shows efficacy against rare leukemia


Researchers from the University of Windsor and Windsor Regional Hospital in Canada have published some potentially important work in the journal PLoS One showing the anti-cancer qualities of dandelion root extract.

Specifically, they have shown how dandelion root extract has the ability to kill cancer cells from the blood of patients diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of leukemia known as chronic myelomonocyctic leukemia (CMML). Not only did the extract cause the cancer cells to commit suicide, it seemed to leave the healthy cells in the blood alone.

When researchers Dr. Si-yaram Pandey and Dr. Caroline Hamm applied the extract to lab mice with cancer, they saw the same results-- dead cancer cells and untouched, healthy cells and tissue-- a far cry from much of today's anti-cancer regimens, which inevitably cause damage to surrounding healthy tissue and lead to toxicity issues.

The pair of researchers are applying the extract to cells from other cancers, and have another paper primed to be published in the journal of the American Pancreatic Association as well.

The next step is a Phase I human trial to determine safety and tolerability, and Pandey and Hamm have submitted an application to Health Canada for approval.

Source: Calgary Herald

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