MD Anderson Now Owns the Latest in Precision Radiation Treatment


One of the leading centers for cancer care worldwide has annouced it has purchased a pair of Elekta Versa HD linear accelerators and will be treating patients with them by January of 2014.

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is the proud owner of two such accelerators. Each is a 510(k) FDA-cleared radiation therapy system capable of performing both high-volume conventional techniques and the most advanced linear-accelerator treatments that require the greatest targeting precision.

The system, Versa HD, comes equipped with the Agility multileaf collimator for high-speed, high-precision beam shaping, which allows for very precise and accurate tumor targeting while preserving healthy tissue. This is also an upgrade over prior beam-shaping tech because the Versa HD can deliver radiation to a significantly larger treatment field than anything before it, which will allow radiology oncologists to treat a broader spectrum of tumors and cancers.

"To have MD Anderson employ our latest technology gives us added confidence that Elekta is providing the tools that top healthcare providers need to treat their patients," said Jay Hoey, executive vice president of Elekta North America.

Source: MD Anderson

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