Tom Brokaw Talks About His Myeloma Prognosis


The longtime veteran of NBC News spoke out about his cancer recently while accepting a prestigious achievement award.

At the Peabody Awards held at the Waldorf Astoria on Monday, Tom Brokaw accepted the Peabody achievement award, and while doing so, talked briefly about his diagnosis of and treatment for multiple myeloma.

"This is a humbling moment for me. If you live long 
enough these kind of awards come to you and, or, you get cancer. Turns 
out, I ended up getting both," he told those in attendance. "It’s going to work out. Life is going to
 be OK because I’m in the enviable position of getting the best
 treatment in the world and it has made me much more conscious of what 
a privilege it is to have the kind of job that I have."

Earlier that day, Brokaw told Page Six that his diagnosis last August caught him "blindsided" but that he's confident that he'll do well. Last month he told the Associated Press that his doctors think his treatment will be successful.

Brokaw is 74 years old. He was the anchor for NBC Nightly News from 1982 until he stepped down from the role in 2004. In addition to other work, Brokaw serves as a Special Correspondent for NBC News.

Source: Variety

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