'Survivor' Ethan Zohn has bone marrow transplant


According to a post at the web site for People magazine, 'Survivor' winner, marathon runner, philanthropist and cancer survivor Ethan Zohn has undergone his scheduled stem cell transplantation for his recurring Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Prior to having the procedure, Zohn was pre-treated with Seattle Genetics' Hodgkin's drug Adcetris (SGN-35).

Zohn originally was treated with chemotherapy when he was first diagnosed. Following recurrence, he received Adcetris and his doctors recommended the transplant, which has a curative intent.

Zohn received the stem cells from one of his brothers. He has a lengthy and difficult recovery ahead of him. Fans and others can follow some of his progress on Twitter with @Ethansbubble.

Source: People Magazine

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