Representative Works to Make Bone Marrow Donation Easier


After being a donor, one state law maker works to make it easier for others to donate:

"A state lawmaker wants to make it easier to saves lives.

State Rep. Mike Shelton was once able to give a 31-year-old woman suffering from Hodgkin's lymphoma the bone marrow she desperately needed to recover. Now, he plans to file legislation in the 2011 session to make it easier to others to do the same.

Shelton said his marrow donation to Patrice Tillman of Tucson, Ariz., opened his eyes to the need for more blood donors.

"Every year, thousands of patients are diagnosed with life-threatening diseases like leukemia and lymphoma, and a marrow transplant from someone who is not related to them is often their best hope for survival," Shelton, D-Oklahoma City, said. "Although there are more than 8 million volunteers on the national registry, about 20 percent of them are not available when their donation is needed because of work.""

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