Pro Football Player Says His Lymphoma is in Remission


John McClain, who covers the NFL for the Houston Chronicle, is reporting that Houston Texans offensive lineman David Quessenberry is in remission from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Having finished radiation treatment, he is still undergoing monthly chemotherapy maintenance. Nonetheless, Quessenberry began hitting the weight room at NRG Stadium last week in an attempt to put on some of the weight he lost during treatment.

"I'm getting my body back up," he told McClain, saying he was hoping to be around 300 lbs. "I'm up to 275-278. I used to think lifting weights was a pain in the butt, but now I love every single minute of it. It's awesome."

Quessenberry was diagnosed during training camp last year

Quessenberry was drafted out of San Jose State in 2013 in the sixth round. Last year he was preparing to try out for a starting job with the Texans when he received his diagnosis.

Source: Houston Chronicle

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