Pittsburgh Football Star Battles Lymphoma Diagnosis


Pittsburgh Panthers running back James Conner is back at practice after receiving a Hodgkin's lymphoma diagnosis in December of 2015.

Conner was seen in a video tweeted by Pitt's head coach Pat Narduzzi on Saturday, doing drills with the rest of his teammates.

"The drill was sloppy but it was the 1st time doing that drill since knee surgery and chemo treatments, I will be in great shape game day!" Conner tweeted last week.

Since his diagnosis, Conner has been through several rounds of chemo treatment, reported Fox Sports.

'I choose not to fear cancer'

Conner admits that after receiving his diagnosis, the fear struck.

"When I heard those words -`You have cancer' - I admit I was scared," Conner said. "But after thinking about it for a bit, I realized that fear is a choice. I choose to not fear cancer. I choose to fight it and I will win."

Narduzzi says he doesn't doubt Conner will beat cancer with the help of his community, his fans and his team.

"We are all going to be right beside him every step of the way," Narduzzi said. "And the day that he is declared cancer free, we will all celebrate like we do after one of his patented touchdown runs."

Source: Fox Sports

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