Panel discounts ground water contamination by Fort Detrick


Despite the fact that the lymphoma rate appears to be higher among residents who live in the community surrounding Fort Detrick in Frederick County, Maryland, than the statewide average, an independent panel of scientists says that it's not possible to determine whether the toxic pollution is to be blamed or not.

The issue turns on whether the tons of carcinogenic chemicals buried decades ago at Fort Detrick tainted the ground water and thus caused several negative health effects, including cancers such as lymphomas.

One study put out by the U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry claimed that the tainted ground water was "unlikely to have produced any harmful health effects, including cancer."

Furthermore, reviewers from the National Research Council endorsed a study by the state of Maryland and Frederick County health departments which found no evidence of cancer clusters in the area.

Activists whole-heartedly disagree and will continue to fight for further investigation.

For extra coverage, please see The Baltimore Sun.

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