Oklahoma Rep. Donates to Save Woman


Representative Mike Shelton donates his bone marrow to help a fellow citizen:

"Cancer had a hold on Patrice Tillman for nearly two years when doctors came to her with what could have been life-threatening news.

“Well, we don't have a match,” they said.
Tillman, now a healthy 31-year-old, was on her second relapse with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Her first marrow treatment was with her own bone marrow. Yet the cancer snapped back six months later.

Tillman needed a peripheral blood stem cell transplant from someone else this time. Since her siblings weren't a match, she was desperate for a lifesaving transplant from a stranger.

But the Arizona woman is black, and only 7 percent of the potential donors worldwide who register with “Be The Match” are black. She was very sick, and she began what doctors hoped wouldn't be the last wait of her life.

She didn't give up, though, because she'd already had her “miracle baby” in 2005, when the cancer and treatment had seemed to eliminate all chances of having another child. Surely, more miracles were ahead."

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