Noted New York City defense attorney succumbs to lymphoma


After coping with an unnamed subtype of lymphoma for well over a decade, notorious defense attorney Jack T. Litman has died, according to the New York Times.

Litman came to fame in the 1980s for what came to be known as blame-the-victim defenses, most notably in tabloid fodder such as 'the Preppy Murder', in which former prep school student Robert Chambers murdered Jennifer Levin. In that case, Litman managed to hang the jury by suggesting that Levin's death was the result of 'rough sex'. Consequently, Chambers pleaded down to first-degree manslaughter. It was just one of several of Litman's cases in which, against seemingly insurmountable odds, he scored a favorable outcome for his clients.

Litman was 66.

By Ross Bonander

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