Newlyweds Raise Money for Dog's Cancer


A newlywed couple give up what they have to raise money for their loving dog:

"Angel's eyes say it all. She has been through hell: cancer, chemo and a bone marrow transplant.
But Angel is a smiling dog. She survived it all because of the tenacity of the two people who love her most and because of the unwavering support of her best friend, Romeo.

It began a little over a year ago, when Angel and Romeo's parents were planning their wedding and, almost simultaneously, found out Angel had B-cell lymphoma.
"The survival rate with chemo alone is 0 to 2 percent," said Kristie Sullens.

That was completely unacceptable to Johnny and Kristie Sullens. They begged their veterinarian for more options.
So the vet researched treatments around the country. Their one shot for a cure was a canine bone marrow transplant. The only place in the country now doing it in a clinical setting is at North Carolina State University. The cost is $16,000, and that would be after paying for six months of chemotherapy here at home."

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