Man Meets His Donor


"Warren Davis' chances of finding a bone marrow match to help him survive his bout with Mantle Cell Lymphoma were between slim and nearly impossible.
Davis, a Mansfield resident who was diagnosed with the cancer in 2004, needed a stem cell transplant from a donor, who for the most part, looked like him. Difficult for an African-American man, whose donor pool is underrepresented on the national bone marrow donor registry.
However, an eventual donor was found four years later through the National Marrow Donor Program. But the donor didn't fit the donor profile.
She came in the form of a 30-year-old white woman who registered on the nationwide registry nearly a decade earlier. Kathleen Sheridan registered in 2000 while she was a student at Northwestern University in Chicago.
"I knew it would somehow work out," Davis said. "Not once did I not think God would pull me through this.""

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