Indianapolis Colts Coach Back On the Sidelines After Leukemia Treatment


Three months after he received a diagnosis of leukemia that demanded immediate treatment, Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano has returned to take the helm of his team, just prior to the final weekend of the National Football League's regular season.

In his absence, the Colts have been spectacular, winning nine of their previous 12 games, thanks in part to rookie sensation Andrew Luck.

The Colts secured a playoff spot prior to this weekend's game against the Houston Texans.

Pagano's diagnosis of acute promyelocytic leukemia—an aggressive subtype that, if untreated, can be fatal within a matter of months—hit the news on October 1.

The rookie coach then underwent three rounds of chemotherapy. About five weeks later, in between rounds one and two, the team announced that Pagano was in remission.

Said coach Pagano yesterday:

"I told you my best day of my life was [my wedding date]. Today was No. 2. Getting to pull up, drive in, get out of my car, the key fob still worked. I was beginning to question whether it would or not. When I asked for Bruce to take over, I asked for him to kick some you-know-what and to do great. Damn Bruce, you had to go and win nine games? Tough act to follow. Tough act to follow. Best in the history of the NFL. That's what I have to come back to."

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