Global registry launched for peripheral T-cell lymphoma


MedNet Solutions has enrolled the first study participant in their newly-established disease-specific registry for peripheral T-cell lymphoma. The registry was designed for, and is operated by, Allos Therapeutics.

MedNet is in the business of clinical study management systems, and the registry for PTCL, which goes by the acronym COMPLETE (Comprehensive Oncology Measures for Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma Treatment), is the company's fifth such disease-specific registry.

This one is a 5 year project that enrolls newly-diagnosed patients with PTCL and collects data specific to their treatment and outcome so that oncologists can use that data to gain a better understanding of the disease and the most effective treatment modalities. This is similar in spirit and function to the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Biomedical Infomatics Grid.

Source: Therapeutics Daily

By Ross Bonander

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