Family Seeks Donor for Nanny


"Now, their family is showing how much it cares for Lola, pleading for a donor who can provide the bone-marrow transplant she desperately needs.

"You can pay someone to baby-sit your kids, but you can't pay them to love them. She loves them and they love her," said Meredith Fogel, 36, upper West Side mom of Jack, 6; and Katlyn, 3.

"I couldn't sleep at night if I thought we would lose a chance to do everything we could."

Barclay, 48, a Jamaican native who came to the United States eight years ago, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma last June after a bout of pneumonia sent her to the emergency room.

Since then, Fogel has gone above and beyond the call, acting as both an advocate and a friend, Barclay said.

"She never leaves me. She calls me every day. She's one in a million," said Barclay. "From day one, when I saw how she treated me, I knew there wasn't anything she wouldn't try to do for me.""

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