Famed NY prosecutor dies of lymphoma


Longtime former Nassau County District Attorney Dennis Dillon has died of lymphoma (subtype not identified) at age 76, according to the AP.

Dillon spent over thirty years—from 1974 to 2005—on the job and achieved one of the highest felony conviction rates in the United States in that time. He also successfully prosecuted a number of extremely high-profile cases:

- That of Arnold Friedman, who along with his son was convicted of multiple counts of child molestation; their story was featured in the Oscar-nominated documentary Capturing the Friedmans;
- That of Amy Fisher, the 'Long Island Lolita', as well as that of her lover, mechanic Joey Buttafuoco;
- That of Colin Ferguson, who killed 6 and injured 19 in the infamous 1993 Long Island Rail Road massacre;
- That of serial killer Joel Rifkin, who killed as many as 17 prostitutes between 1991 and 1993;

By Ross Bonander


Associated Press

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