Ethan Zohn first to run NYC marathon while taking Adcetris


'Survivor' winner and philanthropist Ethan Zohn, whose Hodgkin's lymphoma has returned in his lungs despite rigorous treatment over two years ago, finished the New York City marathon today (November 6, 2011), completing the famous event in 4 hours and 20 minutes, according to Tweets from his Twitter account.

Since his disease has relapsed, it was announced that Zohn had begun receiving the recently-approved antibody drug conjugate Adcetris (SGN-35). According to Zohn, receiving any other form of anti-cancer therapy aside from Adcetris would have prevented him from participating in the marathon.

This achievement surely makes Zohn the first person to complete a marathon while receiving Adcetris, not that anybody is keeping such records, but that is beside the point.

Zohn will take a full regimen of Adcetris and then most likely undergo an autologous stem cell transplantation in an effort to fully rid himself of his Hodgkin's.

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