Canine Lymphoma Drug Could Be On The Way


Despite lymphoma being among the top killers of dogs and one of the most common canine cancers diagnosed, there are no canine-specific anti-lymphoma drugs currently available.

That's something a young veterinary pharmaceutical start-up hopes to change.

Veterinary Emerging Technologies Development Corporation, or VetDC has announced that the company has raised about $1.5 million towards the development of VDC-1101, an investigational drug into what could be the first drug specifically designed to combat canine lymphoma.

Currently there are two anti-cancer treatments available in the United States for canine cancer and neither of them targets lymphoma. Palladia treats skin-based mast cell tumors while Oncept is a vaccine for the treatment of oral melanoma.

Veterinary Emerging Technologies Development Corporation is eyeing for its growing portfolio drugs or other agents that were originally designed for humans but that were abandoned for one reason or another.

Such is the case with VDC-1101, which once was owned by Gilead Sciences Inc and known as GS-9219. According to VetDC, Gilead trials of the agent in canines were very successful but the agent failed to fulfill that promise in humans.

VetDC hopes to fulfill it for dogs afflicted with lymphoma and for the owners who love them.

Source: VIN News Service

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