Andrew Madoff Dies of Mantle Cell Lymphoma

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Andrew Madoff was the only surviving son of Bernie Madoff, whose notorious Ponzi scheme defrauded people of billions of dollars.

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Andrew had been diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma, and according to attorney Martin Flumenbaum, he died at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, "peacefully, surrounded by his loving family."

Last year Andrew told People magazine that he blamed a recurrence of his lymphoma on the stress of his father's crimes.

Madoff's older son Mark committed suicide in 2010, on the second anniversary of his father's arrest. Currently his father is serving a 150 year prison term.

Both Andrew and Mark had always steadfastly denied knowledge of their father's Ponzi scheme. Officials never brought any charges against them.

In fact it was the two men who ended their father's scheme and turned him in.

Following Mark's suicide in 2010, officials did not allow his father to attend the funeral. The Federal Bureau of Prisons would not discuss Andrew's death and whether Bernie would be permitted to attend, but most believe he will not be.

Funeral arrangements are private. Andrew was 48 years old.

Source: CNBC

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