Teens Show Support


"Kaitlyn Purvis, 17, has a PICC line dangling from the underside of her left arm. It's like the one her friend Shayna (Shay) Gavin, 17, has in the same spot on her arm.

Shayna was recently diagnosed with both Hodgkin's lymphoma and diffuse large b cell lymphoma.

She is one of several young women facing the unsavoury prospect of cancer treatment who attends St. Michael Secondary School.

When her friend Brittany Taylor was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma last year she made green bracelets to sell at the school to support Brittany.
Less than a year later she's starting chemotherapy herself.

"We're still all numb here and a little in shock," said Shay's aunt Terri McLeod.

To show her support for Shay, Kaitlyn wrote her a song and posted it on YouTube where it had more than 1,200 views by Saturday and on ITunes. "Shayna's Song" costs 99 cents to download from ITunes and all the proceeds go to the Gavin family or to cancer research."

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