San Francisco Hoteliers Complete City-Wide LLS Fundraiser

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The Hotel Council of San Francisco has finished up the Million Dollar Mission, its impressive summer fundraising campaign to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), by having raised almost $400,000.

The single-industry fundraiser was a 30-day campaign conducted city-wide by 28,000 hoteliers from over 181 participating hotels.

"I commend the work of The Hotel Council of San Francisco to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society by raising critical funds to support cancer research," said San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee in a statement. "This campaign has brought unity among our hotels and has shown that San Francisco continues to be a city with a big heart committed to making a difference."

The campaign was lead by Tom Klein, General Manager and Regional Vice President of one of the city's oldest and most famous hotels, the Fairmont. Klein also serves as a member on the San Francisco Hotel Council Board. In 2010, Klein was named Man of the Year for the LLS.

"As the 2010 Man of the Year for LLS, I took on the role of Campaign Chair knowing that if we combined forces (as the second largest employer and greatest revenue generating industry in San Francisco), 'we' could (and would) make a difference towards finding a cure for blood cancers," said Klein.

"I want to personally thank our community partners, vendors and guests of our fine city, who supported this remarkable campaign. I am extremely proud and honored to be surrounded by so many caring, passionate and committed industry professionals. Our efforts will make a significant impact in providing much needed funds to LLS and their research programs and moving us that much closer to the cure."

Source: USPolitics

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