Large Donation Made on Anniversary of Teens Passing


It has been 10 years since Michael Cuccione lost his battle to Hodgkins Lymphoma, but now his memory lives on with a large donation from his foundation to help research:

"The truly great of heart will always find more pity for another's troubles than for their own which is why today — 10 years after Michael Cuccione's youthful death — $5 million is being presented in his name to B.C. Children's Hospital.

Michael was but nine years old when diagnosed with cancer (Hodgkin's disease) and found himself sharing a room in Children's Hospital with a one-year-old baby also suffering from cancer.

"I remember him telling me 'Mom, I can't believe babies have cancer. Don't buy me anything please give it all to him'," said his mother, Gloria.

"Seeing that baby was something that really moved him and from then on he wanted to make a difference.""

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