Firefighter Scales Mt Everest with Guitar for LLS Team in Training

firefighter on everest.jpg

A firefighter has scaled Mt. Everest with an Alice Cooper autographed guitar to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Firefighter Todd Pendleton has surely accomplished a first: On May 17, Pendleton reached the summit of Mt. Everest and got a picture of himself atop the peak posing with an autographed Alice Cooper Fender Stratacaster. He then posted the following:

I unveil Alice. Somebody had to carry a stratacaster to the top of Everest ... After a week long climb, 24 hours in a tent in 60 miles winds, and 16 grueling hours on summit day - We reached the summit of Mount Everest! On May 17th at 7:30n in the morning.

The Arizona firefighter has spent the last four years leading Team In Training/LLS participants through a variety of adventures, and said that when the chance arose to join an expedition to Everest, he "immediately thought of raising money for LLS."

Pendleton is getting ever closer to reaching his goal of raising $25,000 for LLS; at last look, he had crossed the $19,000 mark.

It has surely helped to have legendary rocker Alice Cooper supporting him. But the question then becomes, how do you follow up climbing Mt. Everest?

Pendleton seems like someone who won't have any trouble figuring that out.

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